Naumann Studios
About Us

​While we were engaged, we developed a vision: one where together, we were able to capture the sweetness of every moment. We like working together, and more than that, we like the same kind of work! Jason’s love for story telling and Angela’s eye for detail began the foundation for Naumann Studios. One, without the other, is incomplete.


There are moments I never want to forget. And, unlike my parents, grandparents, or great grandparents, I have the ability to capture those moments forever in photography. When I received my first digital camera for college graduation, I started shooting - everything I could - as I traveled around Europe and as I made new friends. Those friends asked me to take their photos. I can’t dream of a better way to spend my time than taking photos of friends and preserving their memories forever! Email me at


I am a story teller. I love telling my own stories. I've told stories as feature length films, short films, music videos, wedding videos, funeral and memorial videos, apartment and home tours, and lots of stories about my own kid.

But I’d like to tell yours. Because I know your stories are worth saving, I want to listen to your history and then capture your next adventure or celebration on camera. Email me at

Contact Us

We'd love to chat with you more about the details of a shoot with us! Send an email to and we will get back to you soon!