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by Angela Naumann on Wednesday April 18, 2012

We had so much fun earlier this week shooting Matt and Angelie.  We've watched their twins grow up, only  now they are runners and gave this photographer a workout!  I can only imagine what mom must feel like!  What a beautiful family!

Matt is very good at getting his boys to smile - the same trick worked for both of them. (Yes, there's a little tear - it was that moment between laughing and crying.  Fortunately, I caught the laughing!)

So our boys are 11 months apart - and someday they'll sit for a photo for us.  As it was, we took about 50 like this - and as soon as the parents would move away, the boys would scatter.  When they're 15, this will be even funnier!

by Angela Naumann on Sunday January 29, 2012

I can't believe I've waited so long to blog these photos I took back in November.  Sophia is a supermodel and she's not even five yet!

by Angela Naumann on Saturday January 07, 2012

The Anderson Family wanted some family photos for the frames they got for Christmas, so we met up in Woodbridge one morning last week and took a few!  Such beautiful girls and a beautiful family!

by Angela Naumann on Tuesday July 05, 2011

So, our good friends got married a while back. But they got married in Maryland, so we, being nearly 9 months pregnant, couldn't go. But they gave us some great footage that some friends of theirs captured, and wa-la! Here is their wedding film! (This is one of my favorites!)

Thanks to Andy Russel, Bryan Tosh and Chip Dizard for the great video and to Ben Blood for the excellent photos.

by Angela Naumann on Saturday May 07, 2011

Last weekend, our friends Ryan and Hillary got married at the beautiful Jones Victorian Estate in Orange, California.  It was a beautiful day, made even more so with all of the thoughtful touches added by Hillary and her coordinator.  There was dancing to be had, laughter in abundance....I guess I could go on, or you could just watch it!

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