Naumann Studios

Jason and Angela

We are a husband and wife that love to capture people's best moments on camera. We are afraid of forgetting our favorite moments and so we obsessivly have cameras running on our own lives - making sure we remember it all! Watching our own two kids grow, we realize how fleeting every moment is.  ‚Äč Jason's usually on a video camera, and Angela usually has her Nikon DSLR in her hand. Read More

Time Flies!

Can you remember that fantastic sunset last week?  I bet you are thinking you could find a great photo of it on Instagram, right?  Documenting life is what we do - we shoot video and photos on location throughout Southern California. We make sure every moment looks as great as it can be.  We love to travel and will go all over the world! We have a cinematic style that encompasses our filmmaking background. Really, our words mean very little. You'll just have to look around to see what we do!

Latest Work